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Healthy Eating

The busier you get, the less likely you are to think about healthy eating.  Unfortunately, acting in this way is counterproductive.  You might think you are saving time and being more efficient by grabbing a burger and working through your lunch hour then filling up on coffee when you start to get tired.

However, you are actually reducing your productivity levels by eating in this way.   A poor diet causes you to feel tired and lose energy during the day which has a direct impact on the amount of work you get done.  It also contributes to a number of more serious health problems such as chronic disease and weight gain.

We all have a huge number of friendly bacteria living within and upon our bodies.  We are actually made up of more bacterial cells than human cells.  Yet, for many of us the balance of good bacteria to bad bacteria can often become out of whack, leading to dysbiosis and…. Frustrating symptoms and ailments, illness and disease.  So, how can we nurture the friendly bacteria and reap their health rewards?

The best condiment on the planet if you ask me, has to be guacamole. It’s easy to make, delicious and filled with healthy fats, vitamins, enzymes and fibre. If  go to the shops there are so many pre made versions of guacamole, however they are loaded with artificial preservatives, favours and colours… PLUS 98% of them are made with hydrogenated oils or vegetable oils.

If people knew how insanely easy guacamole really is they wouldn’t be buying this stuff. Fresh, homemade guacamole from scratch takes less than 10 minutes and is 10 million times better than anything you can get from the store.

It’s not only what we get too much of, but what we are lacking.  The lack of immune-modulating, ant-inflammatory micronutrients, including vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and omega-3 fats, drives even more inflammation.” – Dr Mark Hyman

In this quote Dr Mark Hyman is continuing on from a discussion about the harmful changes that a poor diet has upon our gut microbiome, leading to leaky gut, detrimental changes to the immune system and inflammation. He names concerns and foods such as overprocessed and fried foods, sugars and refined grains, as some of the biggest inflammation drivers.

However, he also turns his attention to the, all too common, LACK of important and essential nutrients that our bodies require.

Constipation is the pits, and it happens to everyone at some point. When you transition from a typical diet into a clean eating gut revitalising type diet, you might experience constipation. It’s fairly common because all of a sudden your body is getting food it’s not used to.

When constipation strikes try these natural remedies. Eventually your body and digestion will adjust to your new awesome eating style. In the meantime…

When I started learning about all the toxins I was putting into my body through years of processed food, I was horrified. I started to ask myself, how can I help my organs to get rid of these toxins more effectively? How can I help my gut to repair itself so that I don’t have bloating and gas for the rest of time? The answer wasn’t far away. The answer in part, for me, was digestive enzymes, especially in the beginning of my gut health journey.

Soup certainly doesn’t sound like any special life changing superfood. It’s soup, you’ve eaten it all your life. Yet soup has massive potential that is often hidden behind nasty preservatives and less than ideal flavouring agents. The true beauty and nourishment happens with whole food ingredients and high quality homemade bone broth. This is where the magic happens.

Chia pudding is my go-to dessert because it’s incredibly healthy AND delicious. There are 101 ways to make chia pudding (maybe more) but today I want to share a few of my favourite combinations and how you can get super creative with your own pudding concoctions.

What exactly is a mono meal and why is it beneficial? Very good question - one which can be answered by taking a step back in time. You see our ancestors, for thousands of years, wouldn’t have had access to the diverse array of delicious foods that we have at our finger tips on a daily basis.
It would’ve been more of a scenario like… You found a berry bush at its’ prime ripeness!  Ancestrally we would’ve understood that with no way to preserve such bounty, we’d have to eat as much as we could right then and there.

What do you do when all you want is a taco, however you know that it probably isn’t the healthiest choice? You eat one of these tasty Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps! These are a perfectly satisfying comfort food loaded with flavoursome and filling chicken.

You don’t need to sacrifice your health to eat delicious food, you just need to become creative.

I love making a big batch of this as a side or addition to my salads during the week. The combination of ginger and garlic is simply divine and adds a punch to any meal. Loaded with healthy gut loving purple cabbage, carrots and sesame, this makes for a great side alongside a plate of meatballs, steak or fish.

Parsnips are a food that many people shy away from because they don’t know what the heck to do with them. I can tell you that parsnips are a staple for many fine-dining chefs because they’re naturally creamy and luxurious. As humble of a vegetable as they might appear, parsnips are quite versatile and dynamic.

My favourite way to enjoy parsnips is in this super simple creamy parsnip soup. It really hits the spot on a chilly Autumn or Winter day or, it can be enjoyed cold in the summer.

Give parsnips a chance and, you might just end up with a new favourite root vegetable like me!

Acne and skin problems are common occurrences, especially amongst adolescents and young adults of Westernised nations.  Diminished quality of life for sufferers may be extensive with reports of social withdrawal, anxiety and depression [2].  Therefore, treatment that resolves the underlying problem is essential.  

We all feel anxious at times; it’s our body’s approach to keeping us attentive.  However, when worry or fear escalates and starts to interfere with your day-to-day life, a more serious issue may be at hand [1]. Anxiety disorders aren’t caused by a single factor, but rather by a complex combination of occurrences...

Spices, the aromatic or pungent vegetable substances that have been used for thousands of years for both culinary and health purposes [4], are just one of the many foods beneficial for our gut microbiota.  There is an abundance of historical documentation highlighting the use of spices for medicinal purposes. 

The gut brain axis is a two-way communication pathway between our Central Nervous System (the brain and spinal cord) and our Enteric Nervous System (which controls the function of the gastrointestinal tract/gut). Just like a highway connecting two cities, traffic, or in this case impulses/signals, can flow in either direction via the vagus nerve (a nerve extending from the brain stem to the abdomen [5]).  These extensive range of signals deliver essential messages to both the brain and the gut relaying information such as mood, immune response, digestion and heart rate [2]. 

Gut bugs, of which you have approximately 32.7 trillion, perform an extraordinary number of roles in your body [1].  The key component to not only physical, but also mental, vitality and wellness is to sustain the right balance of these microbes.

Major observations from different studies and science projects, have shown that lifestyle and diet affect the diversity of the human gut microbiome and over the past decade, have illuminated the ever-increasing importance of gut flora upon our health.  Our modern lifestyle, in the majority of cases, is not supportive of a well-balanced microbiome and may in fact be leading to the disruption of this special system, or ‘organ’.   

Choosing fresh and natural foods when you are craving something a little sweet is not only a whole lot better for you, it may also help curb your sweet carvings altogether.  Try some of these sugar craving solutions next time you feel the need for sweet satisfaction.

One reason why you crave for sugar is because of a chromium deficiency. Chromium is a metal which is seen as a very important trace element in your body. This metal is also very essential in the metabolism of fats and proteins as well as carbohydrates...

In simple terms, Leptin is a hormone...
often associated with another hormone named, ghrelin.  Together these two hormones drive hunger and appetite [2].  Leptin is a protein that is produced, and secreted, by your fat cells [1].  The amount of leptin produced within the fat cells is directly proportionate to the triglyceride content, of these fat cells.  Under a microscope, fat cells look like swollen little spheres. Each cell has a cell membrane (a barrier) and a nucleus (containing the genetic material that controls the activities of the cell), but their bulk is made up of droplets of stored triglycerides, which look similar in consistency to most plant oils we use.  For example, olive oil or peanut oil [3].  Most weight loss and weight gain occur when these fat cells expand and shrink, as the energy inside is stored or burned [3].

Changing your dietary approach to a more ancestral or paleolithic style of eating and living does not have to be a complicated process… in fact it is quite simple because the foods you are choosing to purchase and put onto your plate, most of the time, will be real, whole foods… no food labels to decipher, no nasty additives, minimal packaging, just fresher, more nutritious eating. This article explores solutions for many of the common probelms people face when considering an ancestral style diet.