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Hi, I’m Kerrin Brown, your Online Nutrition Coach Australia!

Welcome to the home of Gut & Cellular Health.

Real food nutrition and balanced living has been my passion over the past 12 years, and Radiate Wellness is here to help you transform your own health from vulnerable to vibrant!


My health hasn't always been smooth sailing.  Over the past 12 years I have seen first hand, the power that real food nutrition, balanced, regular exercise, and emotional and mental wellbeing, has over the functioning body and mind.

My own personal wellness journey began when I was challenged with adrenal exhaustion, blood sugar instability, digestive deficiencies, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and a diagnosis of pyrrole disorder.  With support and education based around the philosophy of "Let Food (and Lifestyle) Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food (and Lifestyle," I gradually improved my gut health and supported my cells to function optimally... Leading to; enhanced energy throughout my day, more restful sleep,  no more bloating, gas or heartburn,  reduced cravings and hunger... PLUS, a beautiful inner calm that enables me to "glide" through my day.    

The self-confidence I now exude, and my deep passion to help others is a direct result of these health challenges and achievements. I would be thrilled to create a health and wellness plan to support your individual health challenges, wellness goals and unique body. 

Kerrin Brown - Online Nutrition Coach Australia

Assist women to find natural solutions for their changing bodies, brains & bellies.

Support & education for the over 40's who want preventative & restorative health choices resulting in vibrant & robust aging & longevity!

Nutritional guidance for families & children's health - Including ADD, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Concentration & Focus Concerns.


I am a wife and mum to 3 adventurous and loving children and Diesel our energetic Border Collie. Whether it’s the sand between my toes on a sunrise beach stroll, the salty feeling on my skin after diving into the ocean, digging barefoot in my vegetable garden, preparing nourishing fresh meals, or skiing down the slopes of a mountain, I find renewal, joy and peace in nature and nutrition, and am always looking forward to life’s next adventure.

My life always seems to have been enveloped by this beautiful spiral of health and nutrition, educating myself and others, and performing. Quite a combination, hey!  I have worked hard, and been blessed, to have had the opportunity to travel along each of these pathways. I have been a classroom, drama and art teacher for over 12 years, have thoroughly enjoyed performing in amateur theatre, and on screen, on and off throughout my life, and have been studying, exploring and working in nutrition and holistic wellness for about 12 years now.

It is the culmination of these very experiences that have led me to unearth my true passion…a passion for radiant health through individual wellness consultations and plans, and online nutrition and health coaching programs, that include healthy eating plans and recipes, exercise recommendations, lifestyle adjustments, conscious living and nature.

I have always been committed to a healthy lifestyle, however further education, and life experiences have broadened my skills and knowledge to reveal a deeper understanding of the vital importance and keys to living a vibrant life and ageing robustly.


My goal is to help you to ‘Radiate Wellness’… As a Nutrition and Natural Health Coach, I have built an online and in person home-based nutrition and wellness clinic - a guided and supportive haven to assist you to transform your health from vulnerable to vibrant! Whether it be through one-on-one consultations, an individulaised wellness plan, online program, group workshops or events, I am here to guide and help you, to feel, look and live as vibrantly as possible - a way of life that everyone deserves.

The key to creating and maintaining your very own radiance and vibrant beautiful ageing is to live an active, nutritious, balanced, and peaceful life.

Wishing you peace and happiness,

Kerrin Brown - Nutrtionist Gold coast

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Qualifications & Education

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Advanced Cert. Naturopathy & Holisitic Lifestyle Therapies

The Science & Practice of Iridology (2013) - Peter Edwards Academy of Biological Lifestyle Therapies

Biological Lifestyle Therapies (2013) - Peter Edwards Academy of Biological Lifestyle Therapie

Biological Lifestyle Therapies (2013) - Peter Edwards Academy of Biological Lifestyle Therapies

Natural Physical Culture (2013)- Peter Edwards Academy of Biological Lifestyle Therapies

Natural Physical Culture (2013)- Peter Edwards Academy of Biological Lifestyle Therapies

Advanced Cert. Naturopathy & Holisitic Lifestyle Therapies (2023) - Peter Edwards Academy of Biological Lifestyle Therapies

Advanced Cert. Naturopathy & Holistic Lifestyle Therapies (2023) - Peter Edwards Academy of Biological Lifestyle Therapies

Post-Graduate Microbiome Course (2023) - The Nutrition Academy

Post-Graduate Microbiome Course
 (2023) - The Nutrition Academy

Advanced Functional Nutrition
 (2020) - The Nutrition Academy

Natural Therapist Membership - International Institute for Complimentary Therapists

Bachelor of Arts (1998) - Australian Catholic University

Bachelor of Education (2000) - Australian Catholic University