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4 Foods that Help Bust Sugar Cravings!

Choosing fresh and natural foods when you are craving something a little sweet is not only a whole lot better for you, it may also help curb your sweet carvings altogether.  Try some of these sugar craving solutions next time you feel the need for sweet satisfaction.

One reason why you crave for sugar is because of a chromium deficiency. Chromium is a metal which is seen as a very important trace element in your body. This metal is also very essential in the metabolism of fats and proteins as well as carbohydrates. Ensuring that your body receives a sufficient amount of chromium may enhance the way your body regulates cholesterol and fat. Apples are rich in chromium. A small apple a day is enough to get the needed amount of chromium to help stop sugar cravings.

Consuming protein is a super way to lessen sugar cravings as it stabilises the level of blood sugar in your body. Nut butter offers a significant amount of protein together with good fats, however, it you want to shed fat, I recommend consuming no more than 2 tablespoon of nut butter a day. Always look for a pure nut butter that does not contain sugar or other nasties. Nut butter also offers sulfur; this is the 3rd most important mineral in the body and found in the muscle, bones and skin. As you grow older, a deficiency in sulfur may result in wrinkling and sagging of your skin or stiff joints and muscles.

Cupcakes look great, however your body may really be asking for essential nutrients including phosphorus. Donna Gates, author of The Body Ecology Diet, says consuming Kefir can lessen sugar cravings. As a matter of fact, candida overgrowth and excessive gut bacteria have been associated with intense cravings for sugar - probiotics and probiotic foods may assist to rebalance gut bacteria. Eating kefir with fresh berries may help you to minimise sugar cravings.

Spices like cinnamon may also help you reduce sugar addiction. Research shows that cinnamon has the ability to regulate the level of your blood sugar and can help minimise sugar cravings. It also minimises insulin spikes after you have eaten, therefore keeping away cravings for sugary foods. If you are craving sweet foods, a simple hack is to sprinkle this spice over a little warm stewed apple. This will help stop your sugar craving.

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