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The best condiment on the planet if you ask me, has to be guacamole. It’s easy to make, delicious and filled with healthy fats, vitamins, enzymes and fibre. If  go to the shops there are so many pre made versions of guacamole, however they are loaded with artificial preservatives, favours and colours… PLUS 98% of them are made with hydrogenated oils or vegetable oils.

If people knew how insanely easy guacamole really is they wouldn’t be buying this stuff. Fresh, homemade guacamole from scratch takes less than 10 minutes and is 10 million times better than anything you can get from the store.

Chia pudding is my go-to dessert because it’s incredibly healthy AND delicious. There are 101 ways to make chia pudding (maybe more) but today I want to share a few of my favourite combinations and how you can get super creative with your own pudding concoctions.

What do you do when all you want is a taco, however you know that it probably isn’t the healthiest choice? You eat one of these tasty Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps! These are a perfectly satisfying comfort food loaded with flavoursome and filling chicken.

You don’t need to sacrifice your health to eat delicious food, you just need to become creative.

I love making a big batch of this as a side or addition to my salads during the week. The combination of ginger and garlic is simply divine and adds a punch to any meal. Loaded with healthy gut loving purple cabbage, carrots and sesame, this makes for a great side alongside a plate of meatballs, steak or fish.

Parsnips are a food that many people shy away from because they don’t know what the heck to do with them. I can tell you that parsnips are a staple for many fine-dining chefs because they’re naturally creamy and luxurious. As humble of a vegetable as they might appear, parsnips are quite versatile and dynamic.

My favourite way to enjoy parsnips is in this super simple creamy parsnip soup. It really hits the spot on a chilly Autumn or Winter day or, it can be enjoyed cold in the summer.

Give parsnips a chance and, you might just end up with a new favourite root vegetable like me!

This ‘Clean’ Satay Dressing is just beautiful and will enhance the flavour of most salad, vegetable, steak and chicken dishes. I love this recipe because the traditional use of peanuts has been replaced with organic activated almonds. Peanuts are quite an acidic food. High acidity levels within the body cause aggravation and inflammation, leading to distress and disease.

Cucumbers are refreshing summer fruits that that offer a little nutritional boost with every bite.  Apart from being great natural cooling systems for your body and supporting it to maintain hydration, they may also help to regulate bowel movements ease a headache, soothe skin irritations and reduce PMS.  I accidentally created this delicious combination one Sunday morning after a family beach adventure...and we all loved it.

This is an easy, quick and filling breakfast for those mornings that you are simply running out of time, trying to get out the door. Filled with beautiful fats, greens, probiotics, prebiotics and a burst sweet flavour from the wild blueberries.

This salad is delightfully nourishing and gives you all the benefits of kale, without the digestive distress. When you massage kale you break down some of the tough fibres in the cell wall that make raw kale hard to digest.

When I started eating a cleaner, more raw diet, I couldn’t digest kale very well. It upset my digestion and I didn’t get what all the fuss was about. If this happens to you the solution is to either steam your kale or massage it. This recipe is one of my favorite’s because you still get all the amazing benefits of raw kale: the enzymes, magnesium, vitamin C and more.

Your gut, your inner kingdom, your microbiome; these are all different words for the same thing. The extent of health within your gut microbiome, your inner world, directly depicts the health, energy and radiance projected to your outer world.

Keeping your gut healthy and happy is one of the big secrets to good digestion, glowing skin and increased energy.

Incorporating a variety of gut loving ingredients, recipes & real food supplements into your daily life helps incredibly to re-establish and maintain a healthy intestinal flora.  Enjoying a smoothie loaded with beneficial microbes is a daily addition to your diet that will optimise your health results over time.