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Iridology - What Does This Iris Tell Me?

Iridology, is an alternative health technique that uses the colours, patterns, and various other properties of the iris to assess the structure, function, chemical composition and general health of an individual. The technique of iridology is based on the belief that each organ in the human body has a corresponding region in the iris.

Using an iridology camera, I am able to capture a clear photograph of your iris, which enables me to assess and discuss any health issues.

This beautiful iris photograph, along with a client discussion, informs me of the following information:

Warning: This is a long post, but quite an interesting and important read. Although the information revealed may seem initially quite daunting, it is actually good news, because from here the client and I were able work together to develop a plan to enhance their overall health and vitality.

Iris Analysis

The body’s inability to cope with the heavy toxic burden may be clearly observed:

  1. The golden colouring, (chemistry) within the pupil suggests a presence of uric acid and problems with their protein economy, therefore affecting the kidneys. This client has previously suffered kidney problems.
  2. Lymphatic congestion is evident, illuminating that the lymph system is working hard to drain the left over metabolic waste from the body. As mentioned above, if the lymph system is burdened with toxic waste the cells of the body are being bathed in filth, therefore sickness and disease will prevail.
  3. Lacunas within the bronchial areas and white fibres and darkness within the bronchial and lung area of the iris suggest this as an area that has been affected and irritated. The main organs of elimination are the lungs, kidneys, skin & bowels. Currently the patients’ kidneys are over-burdened, and his bowels only open every 3 days or so, the lymphatic congestion highlights a backlog of toxic waste that the body is trying to filter through the glands and eliminate. Therefore, extra burden is being placed on the bronchioles and lungs, causing irritation as the body strives to eliminate toxins from its’ system. Darkness with surrounding white fibre within the bronchial / lung area, represents stenosis, or lack of blood flow to the area. In time, if the patients’ lifestyle is not corrected, this could lead to cellular change, and a serious risk of disease. With lack of blood flow to an area there becomes a lack of oxygen. Oxygen is essential to life and the life of our body’s cells.
  4. I mentioned earlier evidence of the patients’ pancreas. The pancreas is a hormone-secreting gland and as such, when one gland is out of balance the other hormonal secreting glands are adversely affected. It is interesting to note lesions on both the pituitary and adrenal glands. This persons’ adrenal gland is clear and darkened suggesting adrenal exhaustion.
  5. White fibres suggest that Liver is working very hard to detoxify the body. The liver is the first filter of the body and as such bears the brunt of toxic waste. In this case the patient does not consume adequate water thus enhancing the burden of the liver. When the body does not receive adequate water for healthy biological function it stores fluid, as seen within my clients’ body. ‘The solution to pollution is dilution.’ This retained fluid has to be filtered through the liver again so that the body can re-use it, placing further burden on the liver.
  6. Cloudiness over the sinus and head area suggests possible headaches, lack of mental clarity and/or sinus issues.
  7. The autonomic nervous wreath marks the outline of the large intestine or bowel and gives a good indication of the shape and structure of the bowel. In this case the autonomic nervous wreath is quite bright in places, suggesting irritation. The iris also reflects an irregularly shaped bowel, pain lines and pockets of darkness that create a prime environment for microbial and bacterial growth.
  8. Fibrous tissues and white fibres are evident around the base of the skull, ear, neck and shoulder. This illustrates clearly the fact that chemistry governs structure and structure governs function. The over consumption of sugars are not being fully digested causing fermentation. When food ferments and putrefies within the gut, it causes higher than normal levels of acid. Sugar is also this most acid forming substance you can put into the body, and this person consumes a lot of sugar. In turn the acid has affected the clients’ body by causing irritation and possibly some hardening or calcification of the tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints within the base of the head, neck, ear and shoulder regions. This causes tightening of the muscles, tendons and ligaments promoting sore, stiff muscles, therefore limiting the patients’ full range of motion. Over time a muscular skeletal imbalance may occur. For future reference, sugar also leaches calcium from the bones, which could potentially lead to weakening of the skeletal system or affect the nervous system.

There is a lot of information here. This eye is quite dramatic. This is all good news though. If this client follows through with my recommendations, they will allow their body to begin the process of rejuvenation. This is not a quick fix miracle, I offer a change of lifestyle for a LIFE of IMPROVED WELLNESS!

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