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Solutions to Some of the Challenges We May Face When Implementing & Maintaining an Ancestral Diet in Our Modern Society

Challenge One - Confusion – What is actually BEST for me?

There are so many different diet / styles / nutritional beliefs and theories.

Solution 1

A)    Keep it simple.

B)    Eat a variety of whole foods, in their closest state to nature, in a rainbow of colours.

C)    Listen to your body – It has its’ own ‘innate intelligence’.  Your body will present signs and symptoms if you consume something that is not beneficial to it at that time.

D)    Keep a food diary to assist in managing and tracking any food intolerances, sensitivities or allergies.

E)    Try an elimination diet to help identify which foods may be causing inflammation and issues.

F)    Track your energy, mood, sleep and bowel habits as an indication of positive change to your bodies response to eating an ancestral diet as compared to other diets (fads, trends) trialled.

G)    If relevant, track your body measurements and weight (even a photo diary) to see and improvements.

H)    Educate yourself about the ancestral diet… the why, when, where, how, who. 

I)      Understand the high nutrient density of ancestral eating.

J)     Gain a knowledge about the minimal presence of toxins and anti-nutrients in ‘paleo’ foods.

Challenge 2 - Preconditioned beliefs

Solution 2

Red Meat

Low fat, Higher Carbohydrate

Mainstream media

School Student Education

“Yr 5 & 6 Content Descriptors

Investigate the role of preventative health in promoting and maintaining health, safety and wellbeing for individuals and their communities."   “Consider: Nutrition, Physical Activity and creating connections with others to enhance social health.”

(The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority [ACARA] (2017), ACPPS058)
Challenge 3 - How or where do I find quality and fresh food sources?

Solution 3

Challenge 4 - How do I deal with cravings and addictions?

Solution 4

Challenge 5 - Fresh food is expensive!

Solution 5

Changing your dietary approach to a more ancestral or paleolithic style of eating and living does not have to be a complicated process… in fact it is quite simple because the foods you are choosing to purchase and put onto your plate, most of the time, will be real, whole foods… no food labels to decipher, no nasty additives, minimal packaging, just fresher, more nutritious eating.

If you would like individualised guidance on the best food choices for your body, your health and your wellness goals book an Initial Wellness Consultation with Kerrin.


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